Privacy Policy

This policy covers all of the Sports app created by Mitchell Applications.

Personal Data Collection

This app collects usage data using Flurry analytics.  These analytics track how many times our apps are opened and how many people use the app.  It also tracks general location info as far as where our apps are being used in the world and what type of device they are being used on.

AD Services

Our apps display ads from Admob and Revmob.  Information about what personal data is collected via these services can be found on their websites.

Facebook Login

Our apps utilize Facebook for personal login information to access our content.  The only information stored in our apps is user name and profile picture.  No other data is collected or used.  Users can revoke Facebook access at any time via their Facebook settings.

External Web Access

These apps offer in app web browsers that can access any kind of site with any kind of content.